Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Our coffee beans are from selected plantations in over 25 countries. Once they have been selected we taste them several times from the producing country through to the finished capsule to make sure every batch meets a standard we’re happy with.

By using a blend of coffees in each of our capsules we can create a flavour profile more balanced and complex than the individual parts.

Coffee will look, roast, and taste differently over time.  Our ongoing quality checks help us identify when we need to use our blending expertise and knowledge to ensure we bring you the same cup.

The temperatures that coffee is roasted at are vital in developing the flavours so we combine our tasting skills and sense of smell to make sure every batch perfectly develops the flavour of our coffee.

Great espresso is defined by its golden crema, the thick layer of tiny oil coated air bubbles that tops a perfectly extracted espresso. The crema is only created when carefully considered coffee blends, the right extraction pressure and temperature, and a perfect fine grind of freshly packed beans are all perfectly aligned. The attributes of the perfect espresso have historically only been attainable by trained Barista.

They may look simple, but we’ve encapsulated the art of the Barista and distilled all the elements of a great coffee and squeezed them into one small capsule. As soon as you tear open the sachet the aroma from the beans tells you it's going to be a great cup of coffee. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your perfect coffee time & time again!

If you are currently buying your capsules from Nespresso®, refer to the guide below to help you find the blend to best suit your taste.
Caffesso           Nespresso®
Forza Roma       Capriccio
Milano                Volluto
Italiano                Livanto
Aromatico          Arpeggio
Intenso               Ristretto
Indiano               Roma
Lungo                Vivalto Lungo
Decaffeinato      Decaffeinato



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